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7" Tondeo Seven Hair Cutting Shears-8507

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Item #: 8507
  • Tondeo 7" Seven offset professional hair cutting shears
  • Made in Germany
  • Extremely sharp ultra-slice DGT cutting edge made with the extreme inches blade processing technique
  • A finely polished flat pivot point for smooth & precise movement and a forged finger hook
  • An elegant appearance with the golden logo & screw design
  • The design integrates an adjustable comfort screw
  • One cut and you will understand why celebrity stylists and platform artists alike love this brand
  • Slim blade with dagger-style blade and extremely sharp Ultra Slice DGT edge
  • Adjustable comfort screw, forged finger hooks, Sisal hand polished, high gloss, compressed surface unalloyed nickle, hardened & stainless molybdenum steel
  • Purchase includes: Adjustment key & leather case

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