Shears Direct supplies the shears needs of professional hair salons, barbers, sharpeners and dog groomers throughout the world. Shears Direct provides factory-direct, quality shears crafted by the world’s finest factories. Our shears are created from premium Japanese stainless steel that continues to provide you with years of quality hair cutting performance. Our philosophy is to eliminate the middlemen found in traditional companies, and bring our valued customers quality shears and unchallenged Customer Service, at the absolute lowest possible price. Shears Direct has been in business since 1998!


Shears Direct offers top of the line shears at the lowest prices on the market. Nobody else comes close! Why buy the same shear from a big fancy brand when you can get the exact same thing for half the price?

How do we do it? It’s a difference in business model. The major famous brands that you know spend LOTS of money on marketing, branding, and packaging to make sure that you know who they are, and to convince you that a good shear has to be expensive. We have none of those marketing expenses.

Do you want to know the big industry secret? Shears Direct and all of the top industry competitors (including the most famous brands) buy the exact same shears from the same factories. These shears are made on the same assembly lines, from the same high quality carbon stainless steel, with the same machines by the same people, and then they are sold to us at wholesale for the exact same price.

That’s right! The huge, super fancy brands who spend millions convincing you that no good shear can be purchased for less than $300, buy the exact same shear, from the exact same factory, for the exact same price as Shears Direct. Don’t be fooled when they say they produce their own shears - almost nobody does do this.

All of us who work in the shear business have learned to tell where a shear was made by sight. It doesn’t matter what logo is stamped on it or what color screw they customized it with. Aside from a few, almost too nice to use, hand forged shears, they are all made in a few factories in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Germany, and Spain. All the premium shear brands you know buy their products from these factories for the same price, then convince you through branding and marketing that they are worth more. The only real difference between these brands is what you pay at retail.

So when you hear a salesman tell you that expensive = quality, remember that they are selling you the same scissor that we have here on this website for half the price. It’s just a marketing illusion that you’ve been told over and over again. At the end of the day, it’s the same scissor, from the same top factories, just with a different laser etched logo and a customized screw.


You might be wondering why all of your trusted and beloved top end brands are overcharging you. The reason isn’t as sinister as you think. The great disease in all of business is the overemphasis on marketing, which is a cost that inevitably must be passed on to the consumer.

Here is a brief list of the expenses that the large, premium shear brands have that YOU pay for when you purchase their products:
A global team of marketers and translators.A team of videographers and editors.Travelling sales people, Free shear samples, 40 trade shows per year, A global team of marketers and translators40 trade shows per year.Free shear samples.A global team of marketers and translators.

These are millions of dollars worth of expenses every year. Multiple teams of full time workers, who need to be paid not only their salaries, but also travel costs for about 40 trade shows per year. Even if you only send two people per year, that is 80 plane tickets, plus hotel and food, plus the considerable expense of getting a booth at each trade show to begin with.

When you are buying a high quality hair cutting shear from a big brand, what you are paying for is around 40% advertising, 30% packaging, and 30% shear. If you think about their expenses, the cost of their shears begins to make sense quickly.

That’s right, you pay as much for packaging as for the product itself! That’s an important part of making a customer feel like they bought something valuable. If the packaging seems expensive, then the product must be extra valuable, which makes you as the customer feel like you got your money’s worth. Just more high level branding. Let’s not be too harsh here, though.

Getting your customer to realize you exist is not an optional part of running a business, and building a mythology around your brand is much harder than that, which is actually the biggest expense. The packaging is what provides the strong first impression and a sense of quality. It’s what customers respond to. Good old capitalism.

The problem is that it’s smoke and mirrors, and we don’t run our business that way.


The same top of the line, hand-forged Japanese 32 layer Damascus steel shear, that goes for $599.99 on this website, retails for upwards for $2500 to $3000 dollars with most of the premium brands. It’s the exact same shear, minus a unique thumbscrew and logo. They laser engrave their fancy logo on it, and put it in a $50 package, then convince you that it’s worth $2,500.00 plus!

The same high quality 440C steel dog grooming shears available on this website for around $89, cost around $300-$400 if you buy it from one of the businesses that has spent millions on building up its brand mythology. That is not a small difference. This is because, at Shears Direct, you can get the exact same premium quality product for a fraction of the cost by simply not purchasing the expensive marketing, brand mythology, and packaging.


We source our shears primarily from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. We do not carry any products that don’t meet our high standard of quality, so you won’t find any of the cheap products from Pakistan here. We do business in the highest quality hair cutting shears and pet grooming shears, from the same manufacturers as our most expertly branded competitors, at unbeatable prices. We don’t spend millions of dollars on worldwide teams of marketers to promote our brand, and we don’t pass those costs onto you. We get the best shears available on the market, and we get them to you at a reasonable price, without making you pay for a fortune in hot air.

Next time you need to buy or replace your shears, and you want quality and value, give us a call. Why pay all the extra money for a big brand’s marketing when you can get the same premium shears for a fraction of the cost?