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Our Shear Related Products

We carry a little bit more than just shears. We have razor blades and carving combs to round out your collection of tools.Also one of our greatest new additions is the diamond finishing wheel, which you can use to trim dog claws in an easy and controlled way.

The main shear accessory is, of course, the case. We believe that having one is a great benefit for any serious customer, and that’s why we carry them.

Shear Cases

As a professional, you understand the importance of taking care of your tools, and our shear cases are just the thing.

A grooming shop can be a chaotic place once you have an uncooperative 100 lb dog on the table. It’s absolutely essential that you have a place to safely store your tools. Shears can fall, get stepped on, or in the worst cases, accidentally cut or stab someone who isn’t paying attention to their surroundings. While that would be the absolute worst case scenario, accidentally bumping one off of a tabled messing up the tuning is a common and likely problem.

Getting your shears professionally tuned is a costly hassle, and the best thing to do is prevent the need in the first place through disciplined organization.

We carry a wide variety of shear cases, designed to hold and protect anywhere from one to ten different shears from the daily humdrum of the workplace. So whether you’re a groomer with a veritable arsenal of shears, or a small hair salon with just a handful, you can find what you need here at Shears Direct.