We provide shears & supplies to professional hair salons, barbers, sharpeners, instructors and groomers just like YOU worldwide. We have provided factory-direct premium Japanese Stainless Steel shears since 1998 from our Florida office. Our core philosophy is to eliminate the middlemen found in traditional companies by keeping over 1,000 items on hand. Why pay more than you need to? Over Paying is so overrated. We bring our valued customers top quality supplies with unchallenged Customer Service, at the absolute lowest possible price. 


We promise to always source our shears from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. We will never carry any products that don’t meet our high standard of quality, so you won’t find any of the cheap products from Pakistan here. With over 20 years in the industry we conduct our business with integrity offering only the highest quality affordable Professional Shears, unlike our expertly branded competitors who charge you a 300% mark up to maintain their brand. We will never don’t spend millions of dollars on worldwide teams of marketers to promote our brand, and we don’t pass those costs onto you. We will offer only the best shears available on the market, and we get them to YOU at the lowest price without having to spend fortune on quality.

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