Pet Grooming

Dog Grooming Shears

Dog groomers have specialized needs when it comes to shears. To do this job, you need many different, specialized, high quality tools, that also need to remain affordable for two reasons:

  • Groomers need many different tools.

  • Dogs have a lot more hair than people, and so a groomer’s tools see more use, and wear out quicker. The hair is also quite different.

We meet that need by selling top notch grooming shears at unbeatable prices. Want to know how we do it?

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The Industry Secret

We all buy our shears from the same few factories in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, and China. Shears Direct shears are the same shears you buy for $300-$2500 from high end shears retailers who have hugely marketed branding and ad recognition. They’re from the same factory, the same assembly, the same worker, and sold from the factory for the same price.

When you buy an ultra expensive shear from these retailers, you are paying for many marketing teams all over the world, for ad space, both digital and traditional, and for traveling trade show sales people to buy expensive booth space, hotels, flights, and of course their salaries. We have none of those things, and pass all the savings onto you.

Beautiful packaging, logos, and ads cost a lot of money. Seriously consider whether you really care about buying that part before you spend your money.

With us, you can pay a quarter of the cost here on our website, to get the same high quality shears that you normally buy from the premium brands of the industry.

What you Need to Look For

Grooming shears are different from regular hair cutting shears. The extremely fine hair, the lack of cooperation from the fluffy clients, the angles, and the significantly higher volume of hair means that certain important quality requirements need to be met, and ergonomic features need to be included in order to make a shear useful for dog groomers.

Quality Requirements

A grooming shear needs to have certain features in order to be effective.

  • 440C Steel: A grooming shear needs to be either 440C steel in order to be hard enough to hold a good edge for an acceptable amount of time. Even better options are proprietary Japanese steels, like the Hitachi steels.

  • Beveled Edge: The best grooming shears have a beveled edge. Good shears are normally sharpened with either a bevelled edge, or a convex edge. The convex edge makes a gentle curve from the spine of the blade down to a razor sharp edge. The bevelled edge is honed into the blade in a straight line, making a clear delineation between the blade and the edge. While the more expensive convex edge is often preferred by stylists because it has a smoother cut, the bevelled edge holds up longer to the high volume of coarse dog hair that groomers have to deal with.

  • Adjustable Screw: A good grooming shear will have a screw that you can adjust by hand or with a tool in order to change the tension on your scissors. Be careful with this, as over tightening your scissor can create unnecessary wear on your scissor blades and affect the life of the tool.

  • Weight: Even a small difference in weight can make a big difference when you’re holding a tool at strange angles for eight or more hours a day.

Groomer’s Features

You might see some of these features in a hair salon shear, but they are much more important for grooming pets. Groomers are at great risk of inflammation, seized muscles, and carpal tunnel, so it is very important to minimize stresses on your body and posture in this line of work.

  • Ergonomic Thumb: This is a bend of the thumb hole on the handle. It is bent away from your palm, which makes using the tip of the thumb simple. This greatly reduces the strain on your tendons, ligaments, and wrist, and it makes opening, closing and transitions far more easy to do.

  • Swivel: This feature is a piece of the handle for the thumb. The thumb ring turns 360 degrees, allowing the user to turn the scissor blade without having to contort their wrist, elbow, or raise up the shoulder. It takes some practice to get used to, but grooming with a swivel shear can save your body a lot of strain and long term injury.

  • Hand Rest Position: This is the bend in the handle, overall. The handle ring for your ring finger can be bent to the left either a little or a lot, allowing the groomer to cut from a much more natural position for their wrist, without contorting anything. There is a wide variety of choices available to meet every preference.

  • Here at Shears Direct, we have everything you need. Hundreds of different kinds of shears, of different lengths, different handle and thumb options, and even a great selection of left-handed options, so that everyone can get the quality they need at a price that they can afford.

    Happy Shopping!