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Customer Testimonials

Customer TestimonialsPlease feel free to share your experience with our products and we will add you to our testimonials list.



"I just received my shears. I have to say I'm very pleased with the quality. The weight is perfect, the balance is perfect and getting the free razor was a plus. I will be letting my stylist friend about your company. Thank you for your prompt delievery!"
- Laura Stewart Hair Designs, on Sep 14, 2016

"I am very grateful of the gifts. I am very impressed with my purchases. I look forward to purchasing 2 more 6 inch shears of the same kind. Thank you very much. I don't thinks I'll go anywhere else for my shear needs ever. Your quality and value is far beyond the competition. Unbelievable. Wish you continued success and prosperity in you endeavors. "
- ROY SALVADOR, on July 15, 2016

"A co worker bought them and the fact that they came in a protective case and not a plastic sleeve showed that you are taking care of your customers needs...not cutting corners....we all also liked the shear and comb pin she received..Very cute...looking forward to my order...and..Thank You.."
- Cheryl Weller, on July 07, 2016

"I can not say enough about how wonderful my experience has been! The customer service is top notch. I placed an order for two pairs of shears and for some reason, I couldn't get my coupon code to work. I received an immediate response and was credited the amount of the code. Within two days I had my order in my hand and my shears are gorgeous!! I have been a stylist for many years and I can not believe that I hadn't ordered from Shears Direct sooner!! They came in a sturdy leather case and I also received free gifts. I actually needed a new razor also so thank you for that as well. If anyone is hesitant about placing their first order with this company I would urge you to go ahead a place that order!! I will be a lifelong customer now and will be advising the girls in my salon to do the same. Thank you Joe and Shears Direct!"
- Jennifer, on July 02, 2016

"Being in school full time, having a part time job, and being a single mom can be hard at times and when a company large or small helps in any way shape or form it's a blessing. Joe Bucci has done just that! I had a mishap with my shears and they were stolen from me. I stumbled upon Joes website which had fantastic prices and supplies. I ordered a pair of shears to get me to the end of school and Joe went above and beyond to help me with a few extra items. I'm so grateful, and have referred my classmates! Forever a client! Thank you so much."
- Phleasha Vint, on March 31, 2016

"Hello Joe, Got the package on Thursday just what you promised. Very good shears for unbelievable price! Lite, comfortable and sharp. Hope they hold edge for long time. Thank you so much! Will be back for more. "
- Ella, on January 17, 2016

"Thanks so much for the shears set. I'm really happy with them, and with the fast delivery. I've been using the same shears (Fromm) for the past 18 years so it was kind of scary ordering new ones. I live in the 4 corners of CO., so not to many choices for anything down here! So, again, thank-you and it was nice doing business with you"
- Diana Navickas, on January 01, 2016

"Already got my order!!! It's awesome!! Thank you!!! Best wishes. "
- Mariam, on January 05, 2016

"I received my order today. Thanks for the great service and attention to detail. I will be passing on your business info. "
- Rich Christensen, on December 30, 2015

" I would just like to say that while I am a newly certified groomer and have experience with only a few brands of shears and clippers, I have been very impressed with the quality and pricing of your products as well as the quality of service. Shipping is super quick (about 2 days) and everything arrives in perfect condition. The shears I ordered are not only appealing to the eye but are also very sharp, light weight and comfortable to hold. The Clippers I ordered are also very nice looking, work great on fine/short coats and so far work great on thicker/longer coats. They are also very light weight as well, comfortable to hold and are easy to maneuver around both large and small dogs. The bonus gift that I received was also great. I look forward to doing more business with this company."
- Brian Morgenstern, on November 20, 2015

"sir , just wanted to tell you i m very impressed by the quality of you shears i am very happy and would like to thanks you for the razor."
- Eric Bensimon,Artistic Director Cristophe Salon,Mgm Grand, on Sat, Octeber 10, 2015 12:21 am

"Thank you for your assistance with my order and amazing turn around time!! Thank you again for your help. I will certainly spread the word to my fellow stylists!"
- Cara Sehein, on Octeber 09, 2015

"Thanks joe..I've bought shears from alot of people over the 35+ are a pleasure to business with..and your quality shears ROCK!!!! ALWAYS A pleasure....thanks..jeffrey.."
- XFINITY Connect Mobile App , on August 13, 2015

"I LOVE my new scissors that I recently purchased from you. They cut wonderfully, fit my hand well and are beautiful to boot. Thanks for the product!"
- Connie Meyer, on August 2, 2015

"I placed my order on Friday and recieved it on Monday! Thank you, Joe, for sending the proper size shear case, and taking such great care with my order. As a hairdresser for 36 years, transitioning to pet grooming, I am thrilled to discover your business. 'Only wish I had known about you all these years, but now that I do, be assured that all of my future shear needs will be purchased through you!"
- Catherine Croyl Conrad,Cosmetologist, on May 12, 2015

"Hey, you have taken such good care of me and I love the last set you sent me,I'm at a new salon and two ladies are in need of quality shears and affordable so I'm going to send them your way ! "
- Sue, PA, on April 10, 2015

I just graduated from barber college, I was looking for a good shear for a good price and I found one. This shear not only looks good it performs, I've compared this shear to shears double to triple the price and the performance is on par. Quality is good and customer service is great. I will buy my shears only at Thanks Joe for your assistance, taking the time to answer all my questions and sending me additional information that I needed.
- RatedGreat, on April 10, 2015





- LISA COMBS, on March 28, 2015

"I just received my new shears today and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I can't wait to start using them!"
- my iPhone, March 05, 2015



"This morning I have received 2 scissors that I ordered on the phone.Thank you very much for your kind help and quick delivery !!!"


"Have a great Summer and I hope all is well ~ ^^"


- Kristie Lloyd, NY

"Hi Joe, I received the shears today and they work great! Thanks for the nice case too! Add me to your long list of VERY satisfied customers, your customer service is AWESOME!"
- January 14, 2015

I bought the SET LT3. This was a great buy for me, it came in a 2 scissor case and they are great!
- Nidium, on October 24, 2014

"Got the new shears used them today they're absolutely fabulous, "
- Cindy Sent from my iPhone, On Aug 28, 2014, at 4:35 AM

"very nice shears. Thank you so much!"
- BRENDA ERRIGO, CLEASFIELD, PA, on August 25, 2014

"Got my order today every thing looks good, best case ever"


- George,On Thursday, August 7, 2014 7:12 AM,

"Hi and thank you. I've ordered a few times before and have told many stylists about the great prices and quality of shears. I no longer buy over priced shears from the beauty supply chains or the occasional "scissor salesman"."




- George Bakus,
George Bakus Salon,
August 6, 2014

"These shears are amazing. What a deal! Thanks again!"
- Tifanie Pritchett, On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 1:15 pm

"Thank you again so much for running such a great company!"
- Alexix Haitt, On Jun 2, 2014 1:46 PM

"The finger grips arrived. One of them is perfect. Thank you so much. Service like yours is rare today. Bless you. You are a gem."
- Susan Shelton Sent from my iPhone, on May 30,2014

"I am so happy with the shears ! And I am so glad u gave me the ones with the pink tension knob they are identical to the ones I paid two hundred for! "
- Samantha Hobson Sent from my iPhone, on April 30,2014

"Just wanted to let you know my shears arrived yesterday! Thank you for the razor and box of blades! The quality of both products is wonderful! I'll be coming back to your company for all my shear needs for sure!! The drop finger shears are my absolute new favorite! Thank you for running such a great and honest company! I can't praise you enough!! :)"
- Alexis Hiatt, on March 25,2014

"Purchasing shears from your company was one of the best decisions I have made. At first I wasn't sure because I had never heard of your company before doing an online search for discount shears, but once I tested out the quality of the first pair of shears I purchased, I knew for sure that I had made the right choice. I actually prefer the shears I purchased from you over my Jaguar and Joewell brand shears, and they were two of my most favorite pairs I have ever owned. Thank you so much for running such a wonderful company!!"
- Alexis Hiatt, on March 22,2014



"I tried my new scissors today and I love them ! I groom my 4 little toy poodles, one of which is terrified of the sound of scissors around his face. Well today I tried them on his face and he didn't whimper or try to get away once. The scissors are so quiet! I've had a hard time finding this size 5.5 I believe and when I saw them in your catalog I was so happy. I could tell just by the "feel" the quality of them. Thank you again so much and you'll be hearing from me again. Im passing the word around !"
- Cindy, on March 11,2014

Hi Joe,


"Thank you so much for the quick delivery of the shears. They are exactly what I needed. I especially appreciate the case. (You sound exactly like Donald Trump on the phone.)"


- Sharon Palise, on February 24, 2014

"Thanks for promptly taking care of the mix up you are a fabulous company with great products at a really great price!!!"
- Leonard C Price, on October 01,2013

"Thank you! We dropped the last brochures with our local beauty teacher and they seemed very happy to get them. Love your scissors! Amazing prices! I have also found my friends buy great scissors and either cut their hair themselves or take their own into the stylish."


Thank you!


- On September 03, 2013, 7:44 AM

"Thank you so much. I have other sets of your shears and love them! Do you have a place in MD to have them sharpened, or am I to send the, to you to be sharpened? The one set I have is just starting to get dull. I do about 60-75 haircuts a week with them and have had them since January or February. "
Definitely the best set of shears I have ever used!


- Alexis from my Sprint phone, on Augest 30 ,2013

- SAM, on August 8, 2013

"THANK'S URSULA (from Dallas)"


- On Fri, June 14, 2013 at 3:18 PM

"My blending shears arrived today !! K_LMV640 40 tooth blender. I love them :) they are prefect for grooming! You should move them to the grooming section of the website if they are not there already. I've never used a better blending shear ever. They made the Sihitzus I groomed today flawless! "


"Can you tell me why some shears are called chunkers, thinner or blenders?"


"I'll keep your sharpener in mind for when I need sharpening. Thanks again. You will get my next order soon. "
- DUBLIN, CA, on May ,2013

This pair of shears is great in my opinion. I do a lot of close-cutting around ears, brows, and bangs and this one makes it happen. I will warn everyone-THEY ARE SHARP! I cut myself 3 minutes into my first styling with them and ouch! A perfectly clean cut...healed fine! These guys sell sharp shears!
- Stephanie, on April 8, 2013

Name: jimmy moser


" wanted to say i am very happy with my scissors i purchased a week or 2 ago. the only issue i have is with my LT3-60 scissors the finger holes are a little small for my fingers. other than that i love my others. my coworkers seem like they want to purchase from you as well,do you compensate for referals? extremely happy stylist here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Hi Joe,
"yesterday I've received the parcel."


"Many thanks for your kind gifts provided herewith - I've received more than expected to pay for.
I like the style of the shears very much, also the leather case is very nice."


"Wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Good luck in life, and have a great business!"
Best regards,
- Vladimir Shyrekov,Moscow Russia, on December 21, 2012


"I received the shear and they are fabbbbbbbulous. Plan on getting more. Thanks Joe!"

"Joe Bucci, Thank you very much for the awesome deal you offered us on the scissors. We just received the package and are very happy with the scissors, prices, and your co operation with this purchase. Thank you once again and Merry Christmas to you and your family from our family,"
- Peter and Edith Jensen ,on December 11, 2012

"Hello Shearsdirect, I received your parcel post in good condition and very fast. Congratulations for everything, good staff and excellent service.We thank you all there again. Yours sincerely"
- Evaggelia Athanasiadou, Greece, on March 15, 2012

"Love your shears! Semi retired now, but still around beauty business, would like to become sales rep. for this area. Plus I travel to different state alot also. Other Stylist I know in the Dayton Ohio area, would love to have a LOOk at your products. Let me know Thanks."
- Dawn Kytta March 2, 2012

"Joe you sell the most amazing products at fair prices - you both are men of great integrity and I appreciate that as it seems that quality is somewhat unusual for this industry. Thanks again for all you have done."
- Todd Glasford on Feb 17, 2012

"Love my new shears!!! So glam!!!!!! Thanks so much,so fast tooo! Have a great day! Cheers!"
Danielle Paquet on Feb 8, 2012

"Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was out of town for awhile. I agree with your marketing strategy for your reps. The key is to make the calls and get the shears into the hands of the stylist, if they do that the shears will sell themselves. As I told you I sold about half of my inventory in just a few hours and only about 6 stops. Thanks!"
Jim Robinson on Feb 8, 2012

"I am very happy with the look and quality of the shears I am getting from you. I mixed them in my bag with other shears and yours were the ones that sold fastest."
- Steve Summers on Jan 29, 2012

"They arrived right on time! I just wanted to say I appreciate your prices, communication, and speedy non-bulky shipping. Oh, and large selection of lefty shears!! I still get jealous looking at the variety of the right-handed ones though... Have a great weekend, it was lovely doing business with you!"
- Jane Blow Salon on Jan 23, 2012

"I purchased a pair of your thinning shears 6805-36T before Christmas to use for grooming my show dogs (pugs). This was a test purchase for me as I have never done this over the internet but purchased my shears at dog show sites from vendors there who were very overpriced. After comparing the results of my new shears to the job done by my older, well maintained but more expensive shears I am VERY impressed and pleased. I have passed out the extra brochures you sent to my dog breeder/handler friends. Thank you so much! I am ordering some others for my use as well."
- Cindy Whitehurst on Jan 23, 2012

"I must thank u for ur prompt,professional assurance. I have had An Amazing time working ur Blades. My co- workers will respond. Hopefully in Gross. And the gifts were more than ever expected."
- Jonny Anaya on Oct 3, 2011

"Yeaaaah I appreciate a professional In this business, I will support you all day! Thank you!"
- Joseph M. Bailey III on Sep 26, 2011